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Date 2022-12-08 until 2022-12-10
Location Silvretta Montafon

At the beginning of December we start the ski season - and this will be celebrated properly. From 8 to 10 December there's live music, DJs and of course perfectly prepared slopes!


THUR, DEC 8, 14.30-16.30 Nova Stoba, DJ Eric „Warm up“

FRI, DEC 9, 12.00-16.00 Nova Stoba, DJ Pavel „Intro“

FRI, DEC 9, 16.00-20.00 Alte Talstation, DJ Eric „Opening Party“

SAT, DEC 10, 11.00-14.00 Nova Stoba, DJ Pavel „Intro“

SAT, DEC 10, 14.00-18.00 Nova Stoba, Snoops "Live Party"

SAT, DEC 10, 18.30-21.30 Alte Talstation, DJ Bronk "Dance into the Night"

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World Cup Montafon - FIS Snowboard Cross Weltcup

Date 2022-12-19 until 2022-12-20
Location Silvretta Montafon Schruns

Fast runs, daring overtaking maneuvers and spectacular jumps are guaranteed to amaze you. Experience the FIS Snowboard Cross World Cup live on the mountain.

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Dumpling week

Date 2023-01-08 until 2023-01-15
Location Valisera Hüsli Silvretta Montafon

At Valisera Hüsli, it’s all about dumpling week!

The dumpling – a legend! However, it is possible that dumplings were created by chance thousands of years ago. Perhaps as a result of a baking mishap? What a happy accident! Had it not occurred, we would not be able to offer you any of our rustic specialty dumplings.

Large, small, sweet, sour, made from flour, potato or semolina – our dumpling menu features a delicious selection of ten home-made dumplings. Which is your favorite?

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Vintner evening

Date 2023-01-13
Location Vinnova, Silvretta Montafon

Swirl your glass, hold it up to the light, sniff the wine and let it roll over your tongue. Connoisseurs are cordially invited to indulge their culinary side at a wine session in the VINNOVA, the highest wine bar in Vorarlberg, over 2000m. The VINNOVA team will serve you a dinner with every wine, specially selected to perfectly match each one’s taste. Enjoy an evening of epicurean delight!

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Mexican week

Date 2023-01-25 until 2023-02-01
Location Nova Stoba, Silvretta Montafon

According to the Mexicans: “Panza llena, corazón contento!" - "A full stomach makes for a happy heart!"

Our experienced team, headed up by chef Kurt Woltsche, will bring you a culinary experience like no other! We use traditional Mexican ingredients to create the finest dishes from the land of the Aztecs at more than 2,000 meters above sea level.

Visit us at Nova Stoba, experience the culinary highlight of the winter season and allow us to conjure up a hearty portion of arriba onto your plate!

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Date 2023-02-03 until 2023-02-05
Location Grasjoch, Silvretta Montafon

The freeride get-together in the Silvretta Montafon is a freeride festival for everyone and offers a wide range of clinics, workshops and tours. Join us again in 2023 when we look for the best lines and the most beautiful powder together! Our guides and professionals from the scene are happy to share their expertise and look forward to a freeride experience together. The Grasjoch area in the Silvretta Montafon and the surrounding area are the perfect place to celebrate our mutual love of snow, to learn new things and to exchange ideas.

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9. Open Faces Freeride World Qualifier

Date 2023-02-25
Time 09:30
Location Nova Stoba mountain restaurant, Gaschurn

Cheer on the pros from your lounger on the Nova Stoba terrace as they show you their blistering lines and spectacular cliff drops. Then, on February 25, 2023, they will battle again for much sought-after points to qualify for the Freeride World Tour 2024!

Silvretta Montafon Freeride action is guaranteed in February and Nova Stoba, with its view of Heimspitze, is the place to be!

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Wine & Ski Rallye

Date 2023-03-04
Location Silvretta Montafon

6 stops - 6 winemakers - 6 wines

What makes a good rallye? Beautiful, sleek vehicles (here: your skis), unique landscapes and roads (here: the tracks) and culinary highlights (here: the wines, the exchange with the winemakers and appetisers). On the Wine & Ski Rallye you explore the ski area in a new way in a small group: Taste six wines in six stages and learn interesting background information first hand. Of course, the skiing enjoyment is not neglected during the rallye.

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Indulgence evening

Date 2023-03-10
Location Kapellrestaurant, Hochjoch

A dinner with wine accompaniment, winemaker presentations and mhhh effect

Do you love good food and like to take time out for an evening of indulgence with a 5-course menu? Then mark 10 March in your calendar! During the pleasure evening, you'll gondola up the mountain on the Hochjoch cable car with a great appetite, curiosity and anticipation. At the top, in the chapel restaurant, a setting awaits you that will make your taste buds dance: A first-class menu that has a surprise or two in store, accompanied by matching tastings and presentations by the winegrowers Weixelbaum and Johanneshof Reinisch.

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DJ Ötzi

Date 2023-03-11
Location Nova Stoba, Silvretta Montafon

Be part of the DJ Ötzi peak tour!

Who could sing the beloved winter to an end more beautifully than "A Man for Amore"? DJ Ötzi rings in the countdown for the last 5 weeks of the winter season 2023 on March 11 from 13.00 at the Nova Stoba.

DJ Ötzi goes "back to the roots" and tours the mountains with his DJ set like in the old days. After two years of brilliant DJ Ötzi Gipfeltour, Gerry Friedle will once again thrill his fans with his own hits as well as international party songs - in the usual Gipfeltour manner at the turntables.

Due to limited parking at the Versettla Bahn in Gaschurn, we ask all DJ Ötzi fans to use the parking lot at the Valisera Bahn in St. Gallenkirch and ski to the Nova Stoba.

Admission to the concert is free of charge. Day, multi-day, season and annual tickets as well as pedestrian tickets are valid.

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Steak week

Date 2023-03-11 until 2023-03-19
Location Kapellrestaurant, Hochjoch

During this week, a grilled, steaming and juicy steak at the Kapellrestaurant will make your mouth water.

We cater to hungry meat lovers with domestic beef and specialty meats from Argentina and other countries. Whether grilled, braised, whole or sliced – now is the time to give in to your carnivorous desires. Not only that, but our chefs also create sophisticated side dishes and sauces that round off the meal.

During steak week, we live by the motto: “anything under 300 grams is a slice!”

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Vintner evening

Date 2023-03-17
Location Vinnova, Silvretta Montafon

Swirl your glass, hold it up to the light, sniff the wine and let it roll over your tongue. Connoisseurs are cordially invited to indulge their culinary side at a wine session in the VINNOVA, the highest wine bar in Vorarlberg, over 2000m. The VINNOVA team will serve you a dinner with every wine, specially selected to perfectly match each one’s taste. Enjoy an evening of epicurean delight!

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Dirndl Ski Gaudi

Date 2023-03-18
Location Silvretta Montafon

Fun on the slopes in dirndl and lederhosen!

On Saturday, March 18, 2023, fun on the slopes is the order of the day - in dirndl and lederhosen! Skiing, dancing, partying and having fun together! Register now for free and win a package: Every registered participant in traditional costume will receive a full goodie bag and will definitely be part of the Dirndl Ski Gaudi in Silvretta Montafon. A ski test, a fashion show, a photo shoot and much more await you.

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A tour of Austria

Date 2023-03-19 until 2023-03-26
Location Valisera Hüsli, Silvretta Montafon

A number of classic dishes that are served in Austria originate from the countries belonging to the former Austrian empire: schnitzel from Italy pancakes from Hungary and dumplings from the present-day Czech Republic.

The Austrians have always been masters of bringing the most diverse cultural influences to the plate. During this week, the menu at Valisera Hüsli reads like a journey through the cultural history of Europe.

So this tour of Austria offers a short excursion into the past. Come along and sample regional and seasonal specialties from the nine Federal States!

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Family Adventure Day

Date 2023-03-26
Location Silvretta Montafon

Family program for young and old

Free skiing for all kids and teens (Year 2004 and younger)
Free snow groomer ride adventure – unforgettable and exclusive
SchenkAir - look inside a real helicopter
Snowtubing - for all kids
Ski school -Trail course for all kids
Bambino race with certificate and medal – free for all
Big mountain rescue station – Background, Skidoo, Akia

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Andreas Gabalier - LIVE ON STAGE

Date 2023-04-01
Location Silvretta Montafon

He'll be back, with dirndl - madness - hulapalu

The last time was far too long ago. After a five-year break, the legendary folk rock'n'roll party in the Silvretta Montafon finally continues!

Not Amoi, but on 01 April 2023 seg' ma us again! The thoroughbred Steierer sings at the season finale 2023 again a Liad for you and thousands of other fans. In the middle of the ski area, at the new Valisera cable car mountain station, Andreas Gabalier will ensure an unforgettable season finale. To this we only say: Hulapalu, we are looking forward to it!

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Cuilnary spring

Date 2023-04-04 until 2023-04-10
Location Nova Stoba, Silvretta Montafon

The king of vegetables, stalks of spring air and edible ivory – the number of comparisons reflects the deep fascination that asparagus invokes in connoisseurs from all four corners of the globe.

Did you know, for example, that asparagus grows above ground? That, as well as green and white varieties, there is also purple asparagus? That asparagus is 93% water? Or that plants from the asparagus family are also used to create shade in some parks?

At the end of the season, Nova Stoba will present asparagus in all of its culinary diversity, showcasing all that this vegetable has to offer.

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