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Child-friendly rating/family-friendly rating Ramsau am Dachstein – Rittisberg

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Children and families Ramsau am Dachstein – Rittisberg/family offers Ramsau am Dachstein – Rittisberg

The Ramsau am Dachstein ski resort is specially designed for children. Kali's Erlebnispisten (adventure slopes) offer huge stone heads, the Adler and Bergkristal caves, dragon faces and mystical tones. They provide a unique and magical ski world which combines skiing with learning. The children's areas from the various ski schools round off the offering. The "Knack den Kali Code" (crack the Kali code) quiz is a highlight for children. The children must find the hidden letters throughout the ski resort in order to win great prizes. A night toboggan run from the Rittisberg completes the perfect offering for families. There are children's snow festivals and winter snow festivals organized by the town, community, the Ramsau ski region and sponsors during the winter. All ski lifts can be accessed directly by car, so parents won't have to carry equipment very far.

Special offers for families Ramsau am Dachstein – Rittisberg

Bambiniland run by Skischule Ramsau

The Bambiniland run by Skischule Ramsau is located at the Rittisberg base station. It is the largest children's area in the Ramsau ski region. They have many magic carpets, a carousel, funny figures and a puppet theater with Kali.

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Kaliland run by the Skischule Ramsau

Kaliland is located at the Rittisberg base station at the Kali lift. It offers wave runs, a playground, magic carpet and many funny figures. It's the ideal place for the little ones.

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Märchenabfahrt (fairy tale slope) on the Rittisberg

The Märchenabfahrt (fairy tale slope) leads over 3.5 km from the Rittisberg to the base and is the longest fairy tale slope in Styria. It passes various fairy tales on the way down. You can listen to the fairy tale by pushing the button. At the beginning of the slope, there is an aviary. This is a highlight for all children.

Kali's Tier-Trail (animal trail) and the Adlerhöhle (eagle's cave)

Kali's animal trail with the animals of the forest is located at the Adler lifts. The Adlerhöhle (eagle's cave) is also found here and is a highlight for the entire family.

Race course at the Zauber lift

At the race course at the Zauber lift, children can measure their speed free of charge. It is ideal for all children and provides plenty of fun.

Children's ski land run by the Skischule Pitzer at the Bergkristall lift

The children's ski land run by the Skischule Pitzer is located at the Bergkristall lift. They offer a practice lift and funny figures. Children as of 2 years old can also be cared for in the daycare.

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Kali's Zwergennest run by the WM Skischule Royer

Kali's Zwergennest run by the WM Skischule Royer is located at the base station of the Klang lift. In addition to a magic carpet, there is also a practice lift. An ideal place to learn the first curves.

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Children's ski land run by the Skischule Pitzer at the Drachen lift

The Skischule Pitzer operates a second children's area at the Drachen 2 lift. Children can learn to ski here away from all the action. There is also a sledding run here.

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Sledding at the Drachen lifts

You can ride up with a Zipfelbob on the Drachen lifts and race down the slope. Fun for young and old!

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