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G-LINK Wagrain - 130pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway 1/39

All lifts/​cable cars Snow Space Salzburg – Flachau/​Wagrain/​St. Johann-Alpendorf

Since the 2020/21 season, the new 10-person gondola Panorama Link connects Snow Space Salzburg with the Shuttleberg.

The ski lifts are first-class in the Flachau/Wagrain/Alpendorf ski resort. The new G-Link aerial ropeway lift connects the ski mountains of Wagrain since the 2013/2014 season and achieves a quick connection between the Flachau-Wagrain/Grießenkareck and Wagrain/Grafenberg-Alpendorf ski areas. In Alpendorf, there are two very modern chairlifts (Strassalm and Obergassalm lifts) since the 2013/2014 season. Almost all chairlifts are equipped with weather protectors and leather cushions. Many of the chairlifts also have seat heating and automatically closing safety bars for children. The "achterjet" gondola lift was completely renovated in 2012 and equipped with new gondolas with seat heaters and leather cushions - more or less a brand new lift. Gondola lifts lead up to the ski resort from the Wagrain side. From Alpendorf, guests are brought up to the ski resort by a gondola lift or chairlift. Tow lifts and tow ropes are there for the beginners.

Number of ski lifts

  • 45

Total capacity

79213 Passengers/hour

Total lift length

48.4 km Total

1 130pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway
1 24pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway
3 10pers. Gondola lift (monocable circulating ropeway)
5 8pers. Gondola lift (monocable circulating ropeway)
2 6pers. Gondola lift (monocable circulating ropeway)
3 8pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble and seat heating
1 8pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble
6 6pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble and seat heating
3 6pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble
2 6pers. High speed chairlift (detachable)
1 4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble
2 T-bar
6 J-bar
7 Rope tow/baby lift
1 Sunkid Moving Carpet with cover
1 Sunkid Moving Carpet

New ski lifts

Planned ski lifts

List of all current ski lifts

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