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Skiing near Rasen-Antholz (Rasun Anterselva)

Skiing near Rasen-Antholz (Rasun Anterselva)

The main ski areas in Rasen-Antholz (Rasun Anterselva) are the ski resorts Kronplatz (Plan de Corones) and Riepenlift – Antholz-Mittertal (Anterselva di Mezzo). The ski resorts are located between 6.0 kilometres and 10.0 kilometres from the centre of the village. Rasen-Antholz (Rasun Anterselva) is located in the Antholzertal (Valle die Anterselva) (Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige (Trentino-Südtirol), South Tyrol (Südtirol), Plan de Corones (Kronplatz)). In the Dolomites Region Kronplatz (Plan de Corones), skiers and snowboarders can explore 7 ski resorts and in South Tyrol (Südtirol), 47 ski resorts.

Rasen-Antholz (Rasun Anterselva)

6.0 km from the centre of the village to the ski resort

Test result
1302 m (973 m - 2275 m)
121 km 58 km 32 km 31 km
  • 31 ski lifts
€ 77,-
10.0 km from the centre of the village to the ski resort

362 m (1127 m - 1489 m)
2 km 2 km 0 km 0 km
  • 1 ski lift
€ 34.50

Ski resorts around Rasen-Antholz (Rasun Anterselva)

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