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Skiing in Oberes Sudelfeld

Skiing in Oberes Sudelfeld

The main ski area in Oberes Sudelfeld is the ski resort Sudelfeld – Bayrischzell. The ski resort is located 0.1 kilometres from the centre of the village. Oberes Sudelfeld is located in the Alpine Region Tegernsee-Schliersee (Germany, Bavaria (Bayern), Upper Bavaria (Oberbayern)). In the Alpine Region Tegernsee-Schliersee, skiers and snowboarders can explore 11 ski resorts.

Oberes Sudelfeld

0.1 km from the centre of the village to the ski resort

Test result
713 m (850 m - 1563 m)
31 km 5 km 23 km 3 km
  • 14 ski lifts
€ 41,-

Ski resorts around Oberes Sudelfeld

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