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Ski resorts Merano and Environs

List and map of all 5 ski resorts in Merano and Environs

With its amazing alpine range of variety, Merano is a picturesque place where one can drink a cappuccino outside for up to nine months of the year and on the other hand, just above the city one can also be back country skiing for nine months of the years too. It’s the contrast between this characteristic Mediterranean city and the high alpine plateaus of the majestic mountains, which make this region so attractive. In the holiday region of Merano and surroundings five skiing areas await you, among them the famous Schnalstaler Gletscher, a glacial ski resort with glacial cable cars. The five ski resorts belong to the renowned Ortler Skiarena. A special attraction is the Merano Thermal Bath, an impressive oasis of well-being in the heart of the city.

Skiing in Merano and Environs

Skiing in Merano and Environs

In the list of the best ski resorts in Merano and Environs, the ski resort Schwemmalm is top with 3.7 out of 5 stars (equal rating: Val Senales Glacier (Schnalstaler Gletscher), Meran 2000) . The largest ski resorts offer up to 42 kilometres of slopes (Val Senales Glacier (Schnalstaler Gletscher)). The highest ski resorts for skiing in Merano and Environs extend up to an altitude of 3,212 metres (Val Senales Glacier (Schnalstaler Gletscher)). And our tip for the best value for money is the ski resort Pfelders (Moos in Passeier).

Ski resorts in Merano and Environs