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New at Tauplitz – Bad Mitterndorf


Price association with the “Schneebärenland” area

The ski pass includes 5 ski mountains: Tauplitz, Planneralm, Riseneralm, Loser, Kaiserau

Improvement in snow-production equipment

Doubling of pumping capacity at the Großsee lake, thanks to a new pump and purchase of additional snow-generating equipment. This allows the resort to ensure even faster and more reliable snow production.

New Lawinenstein run

A new slope variant has been created on the Lawinenstein and the existing run has been widened. This ensures maximum comfort even on very busy days :-)


Expansion of snow-making capabilities

The resort is continuing to invest in improving its snow-production equipment with the purchase of new snow cannons.

New toll station

The construction of the new toll station in Bad Mitterndorf has resulted in more convenient, comfortable and faster purchasing of ski passes.


Damming of the Großsee lake

The damming of the Großsee natural snow-production reservoir will improve drinking water supplies for Tauplitzalm while at the same time increasing snow-production capacity. Most importantly, it will ensure the availability of more water at the start of the season for even more reliable snow production.


Schneiderkogel children's area

A new children's area is opening this season next to the Schneiderkogel base station, with an 80 metre covered magic carpet and a snow-tubing run.


Seilbahn Mitterstein

8pers. Gondola lift (monocable circulating ropeway)

Details here

New high-altitude winter hiking path

Snow-making facilities on all new slopes

New car park for 350 vehicles at the Zauchenursprung

New runs in the Mitterstein area (black, red and blue)


New S´Kriemandl ski hut

The highest ski hut in Styria, on the Lawinenstein at 1,880 m


Improvements and new snow-making capabilities

Snow-making facility for the 6 km Tauplitz ski run, expansion of snow-making facilities on the Tauplitzalm - Schneiderkogel-Ost run, improvements and widening of the slope for the Tauplitz ski run, increased frequency of the Tauplitz I+II quad chairlifts (with weather-protective covers) by adding more chairs (final development phase)



6pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble

Details here



4pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)

Details here


Tauplitz 1

4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble

Details here


Tauplitz 2

4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble

Details here

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