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Date 2019-12-07
Time 19:30
Location Obertauern

This year again the legendary "Krampusparty" will take place in Obertauern on the 7 December 2019.

Visitors won't want to miss the legendary Krampus Party on 7 December 2019. With its parade of hundreds of devilish Krampuses (Krampus is a mythical creature who seeks and punishes naughty children during the Christmas season) across the pass summit followed by a grand party in the heart of Obertauern, this event is a wonderful combination of folk tradition, mysticism and modern music culture. A positively scary experience that gives you the shivers – and a chance to unwind and dance your heart out.

Admission is free!

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Date 2020-04-17 until 2020-05-19
Location Obertauern

On 18 April 2020, Obertauern is staging the probably funniest and largest treasure hunt in Austria for the thirteenth time. This unique event is one of the biggest winter highlights every year at the resort.

Where else can you live a gold-digger's dream as you scrape through the snow in the midst of the Alps, to the sound of music, with a magnificent view – and win a luxurious BMW.

A total of 30 chests are hidden – all of them containing prizes, and all of them exciting reasons to participate in the quest. The car from BMW is the first prize, obviously. But there are 29 other treats for ambitious diggers, including non-cash prizes and travel vouchers.

Gamsleiten 2 – one of the steepest ski slopes in Europe and Obertauern's unofficial landmark – is where the search party will rummage its way through the snow on 6th April 2019.

And don't worry – on the morning after the event, the Gamsleiten piste will already be perfectly groomed, just like all the oth

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