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Idre Fjäll 23
Box 202
790 91 Idre
Tel.: +46 / 253 / 593051
Fax: +46 / 253 / 593050
Reservations: +46 / 253 / 593000
Email: info@pernillawiberghotel.se

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Pernilla Wiberg Hotel on Idre Fjäll's Southern slope is a specially designed hotel for people enjoying outdoor life. Here's the best of two worlds - true alpine life both summer and winter and first class accommodation. The hotel was built in 2003 and in a Nordic style, decorated by Pernilla Wiberg herself in warm soft colors. The rooms are airy with modern decor and comfortable beds. Staying here is hundred percent enjoyment. In the lounge, parts of Pernilla's prize collection from her skiing career is displayed, including medals from the Olympics and World Championships. Jewelery disigned by our Olympic ski queen is fore sale at the reception.

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