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Neamț: inexpensive ski resorts

Ski resorts with the best price-performance ratio in Neamț County - low-priced ski resorts in Neamț County - price comparison for all ski resorts in Neamț County

Inexpensive ski passes in Neamț County for low-priced skiing

Unfortunately, there are no ski pass prices available for this region.
Please go to: Europe (as low as € 6.94 per star), worldwide (as low as € 6.94 per star)

Methodology: Price-performance ratio of the ski resorts in Neamț County

Calculation: ratio between the ski pass price (day ticket during the main season) and the performance of the ski resort (test result or evaluation based on facts) in Neamț County.

Ski resorts with the most inexpensive or cheapest ski pass prices in Neamț County

1-1 out of 1 ski resorts

Lift ticket no price available (Day ticket main season)
Evaluation 2.6 out of 5 stars
Price-performance not available
Elevation info 380 m - 657 m (Difference 277m)
Slopes 1.2 km 0.2 km 1 km 0 km
Ski lifts
  • 3
1-1 out of 1 ski resorts