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Linz-Wels Region: inexpensive ski resorts

Ski resorts with the best price-performance ratio in Linz-Wels Region - low-priced ski resorts in Linz-Wels Region - price comparison for all ski resorts in Linz-Wels Region

Inexpensive ski passes in Linz-Wels Region for low-priced skiing

Unfortunately, there are no ski pass prices available for this region.
Please go to: Upper Austria (Oberösterreich) (as low as € 11.67 per star), Austria (as low as € 10.69 per star), Europe (as low as € 9.42 per star), worldwide (as low as € 6.50 per star)

Methodology: Price-performance ratio of the ski resorts in Linz-Wels Region

Calculation: ratio between the ski pass price (day ticket during the main season) and the performance of the ski resort (test result or evaluation based on facts) in Linz-Wels Region.

Ski resorts with the most inexpensive or cheapest ski pass prices in Linz-Wels Region

1-1 out of 1 ski resorts

Lift ticket no price available (Day ticket main season)
Evaluation 2.0 out of 5 stars
Price-performance not available
Elevation info 435 m - 509 m (Difference 74m)
Slopes 0.9 km 0.5 km 0.4 km 0 km
Ski lifts
  • 2
1-1 out of 1 ski resorts