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Ski resorts Val di Sole (Sole Valley) (all 3)

Complete list of all 3 ski resorts in the Val di Sole (Sole Valley) - ski Val di Sole (Sole Valley) overview

Skiing Val di Sole (Sole Valley)

Val di Sole in winter means plenty of snow! Thanks to its unique position among the highest peaks of the Central and Eastern Alps, Val di Sole is one of the Alpine valleys with the most abundant snowfall read more

Map: ski resorts in the Val di Sole (Sole Valley)

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Overview: skiing in the Val di Sole (Sole Valley)

The following facts are included about the ski region Val di Sole (Sole Valley) :

Elevation of the ski resorts 852 m - 3016 m
Elevation difference max. 1895 m in one ski resort
Slopes 230 km (max. 150 km in one ski resort)
Ski lifts 94 (max. 59 in one ski resort)
Ski passes € 37,- to € 50,-
Best ski resort 4.3 out of 5 stars

Ski resorts in the Val di Sole (Sole Valley)

1-3 out of 3 ski resorts

Elevation info (770 m -) 852 m - 2504 m (Difference 1652 m)
Slopes 150 km 60 km 68 km 22 km
Ski lifts
  • 59
Lift ticket € 50,- (Day ticket main season)
Towns/villages Madonna di Campiglio, Folgàrida, Marilleva 900, Marilleva 1400, Pinzolo, Commezzadura, Campo Carlo Magno, Mezzana, Sant'Antonio di Mavignola

Elevation info 1121 m - 3016 m (Difference 1895 m)
Slopes 59.1 km 10 km 40 km 9.1 km
Ski lifts
  • 28
Lift ticket € 42,- (Day ticket main season)
Towns/villages Passo del Tonale, Temù, Ponte di Legno, Vermiglio

Elevation info 1200 m - 3000 m (Difference 1800 m)
Slopes 21 km 5 km 13.5 km 2.5 km
Ski lifts
  • 7
Lift ticket € 37,- (Day ticket main season)
Towns/villages Pejo Fonti, Pejo, Cogolo
1-3 out of 3 ski resorts