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Kóngurinn - 4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) 1/13

All lifts/cable cars Bláfjöll

The Bláfjöll ski resort features a detachable (high speed) quad chairlift as a main lift. This lift used to be a combi lift (Télémix) with a quad chairlift and a quad gondola, but the gondola is no longer used do to high winds and icing. There are also two double chairlifts. The other lifts in the Bláfjöll ski resort are pommel lifts and tow rope lifts. There is also a people mover at the base.

Number of ski lifts

  • 15

Total capacity

14328 Passengers/hour

Total lift length

6 km Total

1 4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable)
2 2pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)
9 J-bar
3 Rope tow/beginner lift

Other types of ascension mechanisms

1 Sunkid Moving Carpet      Further information about Sunkid

List of all current ski lifts

Kóngurinn (YOC 2004)

4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable)
Length: 762 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 2200
Manufacturer: Poma

Gosinn (YOC 1983)

2pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)
Length: 673 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1130
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr

Drottningin (YOC 1978)

2pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)
Length: 700 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1100
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr

Mikki refur (YOC 2003)

Length: 552 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 695

Jón Bjarni (YOC 1999)

Length: 386 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 663
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr

Herastubbur (YOC 1998)

Length: 200 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 720
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr

Vandráður (YOC 1989)

Length: 725 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 590

Amma Dreki (YOC 1988)

Length: 213 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 712

Amma mús (YOC 1986)

Length: 199 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 720

Kolbeinn kafteinn (YOC 1980)

Length: 458 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 775

Jón Oddur (YOC 1978)

Length: 386 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 663
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr

Lilli klifurmús (YOC 1974)

Length: 231 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 700

Tobbi (YOC 2004)

Rope tow/beginner lift
Length: 160 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1500
Manufacturer: Poma

Patti broddgöltur (YOC 2003)

Rope tow/beginner lift
Length: 100 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1500
Manufacturer: Poma

Tinni (YOC 1991)

Rope tow/beginner lift
Length: 281 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 660
Manufacturer: Poma

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