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Snow report Val d’Hérens

3 current snow reports in Val d’Hérens from ski resorts

Snow reports Val d’Hérens - ski resort statuses

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2 open ski resorts
1 closed ski resort

Map: snow report in Val d’Hérens

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Snow report Val d’Hérens for skiing offers as the world's largest supplier of snow reports leading, up-to-date information from the ski resorts in Val d’Hérens.

Current snow reports Val d’Hérens

1-3 out of 3 ski resorts

Elevation info 821 m - 3330 m (Difference 2509 m)
Status Ski resort open
Snow depth 20 cm (Base) 365 cm (Mountain)
Slopes 371 km from 412 km open
Ski lifts 63 from 67 open

Elevation info 2000 m - 2980 m (Difference 980 m)
Status Ski resort open
Snow depth 170 cm (Base) 257 cm (Mountain)
Slopes 30 km from 47 km open
Ski lifts 5 from 6 open

Elevation info 1380 m - 2680 m (Difference 1300 m)
Status Ski resort closed
Snow depth -
Slopes 0 km from 42 km open
Ski lifts 0 from 6 open
1-3 out of 3 ski resorts