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Snow report Thompson Okanagan

2 current snow reports in the Thompson Okanagan from ski resorts

Snow reports Thompson Okanagan - ski resort statuses

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2 open ski resorts
0 closed ski resorts

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Snow report Thompson Okanagan for skiing offers as the world's largest supplier of snow reports leading, up-to-date information from the ski resorts in the Thompson Okanagan.

Current snow reports Thompson Okanagan

1-2 out of 2 ski resorts

Elevation info 1198 m - 2082 m (Difference 884 m)
Status Ski resort open
Snow depth 168 cm (Base) 221 cm (Mountain)
Slopes 135 km from 135 km open
Ski lifts 8 from 9 open

Elevation info 1155 m - 1915 m (Difference 760 m)
Status Ski resort open
Snow depth 197 cm (Base) 249 cm (Mountain)
Slopes 112 km from 115 km open
Ski lifts 7 from 7 open
1-2 out of 2 ski resorts