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Mammoth Lakes: open ski lifts

Ski resorts sorted according to most lifts open at Mammoth Lakes - lift status Mammoth Lakes

Open ski lifts at Mammoth Lakes

(All ski resorts with current snow reports)
14 ski lifts open
20 ski lifts closed

Map: open lifts at Mammoth Lakes

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Mammoth Lakes: open lifts

1-2 out of 2 ski resorts

Elevation info 2424 m - 3369 m (Difference 945 m)
Status Ski resort open
Snow depth 235 cm (Base) 595 cm (Mountain)
Slopes 51.2 km from 89.8 km open
Ski lifts 14 from 28 open

Elevation info 2288 m - 3075 m (Difference 787 m)
Status Ski resort closed
Snow depth -
Slopes 0 km from 35.7 km open
Ski lifts 0 from 6 open
1-2 out of 2 ski resorts