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Snow depths Arlberg

Ski resorts sorted according to greatest snow depth in the Arlberg Region (on the mountain) – snow status Arlberg for skiing

Snow Arlberg

Snow levels in the Arlberg Region

(all ski resorts with current snow reports)
3 open ski resorts

Most snow in the Arlberg Region: 215 cm (top), 140 cm (base)

1 closed ski resort

Arlberg - expand to (greatest snow depths from open ski resorts):

Map: snow depths in the Arlberg Region

Current snow depth Arlberg (on the mountain)

1-4 out of 4 ski resorts

Elevation info 1304 m - 2811 m (Difference 1507 m)
Status Ski resort open
Snow depth 95 cm (Base) 215 cm (Mountain)
Slopes 119 km from 122 km open
Ski lifts 38 from 38 open

Elevation info 1270 m - 2450 m (Difference 1180 m)
Status Ski resort open
Snow depth 140 cm (Base) 200 cm (Mountain)
Slopes 172 km from 182 km open
Ski lifts 46 from 47 open

Elevation info 1000 m - 2300 m (Difference 1300 m)
Status Ski resort open
Snow depth 35 cm (Base) 165 cm (Mountain)
Slopes 29.5 km from 29.5 km open
Ski lifts 9 from 9 open

Elevation info 1228 m - 1500 m (Difference 272 m)
Status Ski resort closed
Snow depth -
Slopes 0 km from 12 km open
Ski lifts 0 from 3 open
    1-4 out of 4 ski resorts