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Ski resorts Liechtenstein (all 1)

Complete list of all ski resorts in Liechtenstein - ski Liechtenstein overview

Skiing Liechtenstein

At an altitude of 1.600 meters (5.250 ft) above sea level, the leisurely ski resort Malbun invites families and winter sports friends to enjoy exuberant activities in the snow. Its protected position surrounded read more

Ski resorts Liechtenstein – ski resort Malbun

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Overview: skiing in Liechtenstein

The following facts are included about the ski region Liechtenstein :

Elevation of the ski resorts 1600 m - 2000 m
Elevation difference max. 400 m in one ski resort
Slopes 23 km (max. 23 km in one ski resort)
Ski lifts 7 (max. 7 in one ski resort)
Ski passes € 41.75 to € 41.75
Best ski resort 3.5 out of 5 stars

Ski resorts in Liechtenstein

1-1 out of 1 ski resorts

Elevation info 1600 m - 2000 m (Difference 400 m)
Slopes 23 km 11 km 9 km 3 km
Ski lifts
  • 7
Lift ticket SFr. 48,- / approx. € 42,- (Day ticket main season)
Towns/villages Malbun, Steg, Triesenberg, Vaduz
1-1 out of 1 ski resorts