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Ski resorts Arlberg (all 2)

Complete list of all 2 ski resorts in the Arlberg - ski Arlberg overview

Skiing Arlberg

Arlberg - The cradle of alpine skiing! The 97 cableways and lifts as well as 350 km runs distributed over the complete Arlberg area offer all possibilities. Keen winter sport fans from beginners up to professional, enjoy the varied Arlberg.

Map: ski resorts in the Arlberg

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Overview: skiing in the Arlberg

The following facts are included about the ski region Arlberg :

Elevation of the ski resorts 1000 m - 2811 m
Elevation difference max. 1541 m in one ski resort
Slopes 334 km (max. 304 km in one ski resort)
Ski lifts 97 (max. 88 in one ski resort)
Ski passes € 42,- to € 53,-
Best ski resort 4.7 out of 5 stars

Ski resorts in the Arlberg

1-2 out of 2 ski resorts

Elevation info 1000 m - 2300 m (Difference 1300 m)
Slopes 29.5 km 12.8 km 15.9 km 0.8 km
Ski lifts
  • 9
Lift ticket € 42,- (Day ticket main season)
Towns/villages Klösterle, Wald am Arlberg, Danöfen, Dalaas, Innerbraz

Elevation info 1270 m - 2811 m (Difference 1541 m)
Slopes 304 km 130 km 123 km 51 km
Ski lifts
  • 88
Lift ticket € 53,- (Day ticket main season)
Towns/villages St. Anton am Arlberg, Lech, Zürs, Warth, Schröcken, St. Christoph am Arlberg, Stuben, Oberlech, Zug (Lech), St. Jakob am Arlberg, Nasserein, Klösterle, Pettneu am Arlberg, Schnann, Flirsch
1-2 out of 2 ski resorts