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Events Racines-Giovo (Ratschings-Jaufen)/Malga Calice (Kalcheralm)

10. Mountain huts festival

Date 2017-07-09
Time 08:00 o'clock until 18:00 o'clock

The huts on the alps in the Racines valley offer regional specialities and live music.

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3. Music Festival in Ratschings

Date 2017-07-15 until 2017-07-30
Time 08:30 o'clock until 17:00 o'clock

On all huts from Ratschings you can taste typical South Tyrolean specialities and different musicgroups provide for entertainment

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Date 2017-08-03 until 2017-08-31

Thursday 03 + 17 + 31 August 2017

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Summer Party and Schuplattlerfest

Date 2017-08-20

Summer Party of the brewery Forst and "Schuachplattler" Festival on all alps

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New Years show

Date 2018-01-01
Time 16:00 o'clock until 21:00 o'clock

Great New Years show in the ski area Ratschings-Jaufen with a great fireworks show.

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