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New at Klausberg – Steinhaus (Cadipietra)

Planned project


10pers. Gondola lift (monocable circulating ropeway)

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10pers. Gondola lift (monocable circulating ropeway)

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Ski rental shop

An additional highlight at the Skiarena Klausberg is the brand new ski rental shop located directly at the base station.
The Skicenter rental shop opened in the 2016/2017 winter season on December 3rd and offers everything skiers, snowboarders, freestylers and tobogganers need. Whether beginner, advanced or true professional - everyone will find their optimal equipment here. Modern precision sharpening machines guarantee ski and snowboard service of the highest quality.

Ski kindergarten "Klausi Club"

The children's ski world in Klausberg offers all child snow enthusiasts ideal conditions for becoming familiar with the art of skiing. In the ski kindergarten, the little ones learn the techniques of skiing in a playful way.The children are cared for by trained employees from 9 AM until 4 PM. Lunch as well as a 1.5 hour ski course are included free of charge!

"K-Express" - 10 -person cable car lift

The Klausberg says goodbye to the 6-person gondola after 20 years of loyal service. It is being replaced by a new, more powerful and larger lift: The K-Express. With a speed of 6m/s, this system is able to transport 2,800 people per hour.Not only is the K-Express the most modern lift system in all of the Ahrn Valley, it also stands out with its other special features: Ten people fit into a cabin, making the K-Express the ski lift with the highest transportation capacity in Klausberg.

Ski slope "Enzenberg"

The ski arena Klausberg is constantly evolving. The new slope "Enzenberg", a black slope, will be opened on the 3rd of December 2016. The new variation of the valley run is located in the lower section, above the base station and runs down to the valley on the left side of the K-Express cable car lift. A special ski experience - come try it yourself!



Speed up on the new speed slope at the K2 cable car!
With the latest speed check system, you can now boost your personal best performance and test your top downhill speed!
The separate and groomed speed check slope is equipped with a permanent speedometer.
A look at the timetable tells you your personal speed. Free of charge!



The dinosaurs are coming to the Ahrn Valley in South Tyrol!
A unique sight awaits you on the Klausberg:
Dinosaurs in the empire of giants
The Tyrannosaurus Rex and the other giants are your hosts in the adventure world on the Klausberg! From the aggressive Utahraptor to the peaceful plant-eaters, there are 10 life-size dinosaurs to see including the Vulcanodon, Triceratops, Ceratosaurus, Stegosaurus, Dimetrodon and even the famed Tyrannosaurus Rex!


New Kristallalm

The new Kristallalm - enjoyment, tradition and a great atmosphere.
The love of creating and the enjoyment of culinary delights are the underlying values of the Kristallalm on the Klausberg. The desire to develop something special was the driving force in discovering something new.
The Kristallalm became the setting for a special "get together" where the components of mountain, architecture and enjoyment came together. A very special feeling is created here through the combination of a lived tradition and lifestyle.

New "Klausberg-Flitzer" Alpine Rollercoaster

Longest and most spectacular alpine roller coaster in Italy! Jumps, 360° roundabout, 1800 m length and jump curves characterize the Klausberg bobsled run. The Ahrn Valley is now enriched with one more attraction. An entertainment attraction that is magnificently integrated into the landscape and promises fun and an adrenaline rush for the whole family.


New Funtaklaus Snow Park

on the K2

New Klausi Land

The children's ski world with many attractions: magic carpet, Klausi Express, snow igloo, Klausi castle, slides, witch's slalom course. Klausi the groundhog is there to make sure everything is running perfectly.


New slopes on the K2

Vertical "Sattelhorn" run and "Durreck" run at over 2500 m


Klaussee II (K2)

8pers. Gondola lift (monocable circulating ropeway)

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Night tobogganing on the Klausberg

The gondola lift on the Klausberg is open every Tuesday from 7:30 pm until 10:30 pm. You can toboggan down the slope during this time.


Klaussee I

4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble

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2pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)

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4pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)

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3pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)

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3pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)

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3pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)

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