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Egghof Sun Jet - 6pers. High speed chairlift (detachable)

All lifts/cable cars Berwang-Bichlbach-Rinnen

Directly to:

The ski resort between Bichlbach and Berwang is connected by modern lifts including a combined installation lift, a child safety 6-person chairlift and a detachable quad chairlift. A double chairlift runs on the Rastkogel and the feeder lifts between the main lifts are t-bar lifts, which are optimal for beginners.

Number of ski lifts

  • 11

Total capacity

15323 Passengers/hour

Total lift length

7.2 km Total

1 Combined installation (gondola and chair)
1 Combined installation (6 pers. chair and 8 pers. gondola)
3 Chairlift
1 6pers. High speed chairlift (detachable)
1 4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable)
1 2pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)
7 T-bar lift/platter/button lift
6 T-bar
1 J-bar

Other types of ascension mechanisms

3 Sunkid Moving Carpet      Further information about Sunkid
List of all current ski lifts

Almkopfbahn (Bj. 2007)

Combined installation (6 pers. chair and 8 pers. gondola)
Length: 1674 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 2040
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr
Replacement lift: 2pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)

Egghof Sun Jet (Bj. 2009)

6pers. High speed chairlift (detachable)
Length: 700 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 2400
Manufacturer: Leitner
Replacement lift: J-bar


4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable)
Length: 1250 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 2000
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr

Panoramabahn Rastkopf

2pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)
Length: 1018 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1432
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr

Bärenbadlift (Bj. 2003)

Length: 168 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1015
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr


Length: 206 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1218
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr


Length: 314 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 637
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr


Length: 1120 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1440
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr


Length: 222 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1032
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr


Length: 397 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1440
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr

Brauni (Bj. 2010)

Length: 170 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 669
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr

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