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Ankogelbahn I (Alpenrose - Hochalmblick) - 58pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway 1/5

All lifts/cable cars Ankogel – Mallnitz

The Ankogel lift runs in two sections up the mountain of the same name. The special feature of this cable car is that is consists of multiple chambers. There are three in the upper section and two in the lower section. Otherwise there are two t-bar lifts which run parallel underneath the mountain station. There is a pommel lift and a t-bar lift for practicing in the valley.

Number of ski lifts

  • 5

Total capacity

4880 Passengers/hour

Total lift length

6 km Total

1 81pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway
1 58pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway
2 T-bar
1 J-bar

Other types of ascension mechanisms

1 Sunkid Moving Carpet      Further information about Sunkid

Planned ski lifts

planned: Ankogel Express

6pers. High speed chairlift (detachable)
Length: 2100 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 2400

planned: Köfele III

Length: 500 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1020

List of all current ski lifts

Ankogelbahn II (Hochalmblick - Elschersattel) (YOC 1993)

81pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway
Length: 2387 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 900
Manufacturer: Waagner Biro
Replacement lift: 30pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway

Ankogelbahn I (Alpenrose - Hochalmblick) (YOC 1993)

58pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway
Length: 1808 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 800
Manufacturer: Waagner Biro
Replacement lift: 30pers. Aerial tramway/Reversible ropeway


Length: 900 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1440
Manufacturer: de Pretis

Köfele I

Length: 632 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1020
Manufacturer: Wito

Köfele II

Length: 300 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 720
Manufacturer: de Pretis

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