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Jura Mountains: new lifts 2006/2007

All new lifts in the Jura Mountains for the 2006/2007 - season - new lifts at ski resorts in the Jura Mountains : renewal of ski lifts or ski resort expansions in the Jura Mountains

Overview: new ski lifts in the Jura Mountains 2006/2007

Total: 9

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Jura Mountains: new ski lifts 2006/2007

1-7 out of 7 ski resorts

Télécorde du Jardin (YOC 2006)

Rope tow/beginner lift
Carrying capacity/hour: 500
Ski resort: Monts Jura [Lélex-Crozet]

Télécombi du Mond-Rond (YOC 2006)

Combined installation (6 pers. chair and 8 pers. gondola)
Length: 1024 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 2370
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr
Ski resort: Monts Jura [Mijoux-La Faucille]
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Les Dappes-La Dôle (YOC 2006)

4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable)
Length: 1932 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1600
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr
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La Serra (YOC 2006)

4pers. Chairlift (fixed-grip)
Length: 1170 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 2500
Manufacturer: GMM Gimar Montaz Mautino

Télécorde des Marmots (YOC 2006)

Rope tow/beginner lift
Length: 88 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 1500
Manufacturer: Poma
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Fil Neige de la Praille (YOC 2006)

Rope tow/beginner lift
Length: 70 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 800
Manufacturer: Pelat Finet
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Bulloz (YOC 2006)

Length: 505 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 850
Manufacturer: Doppelmayr
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Mini-Bonade (YOC 2006)

Rope tow/beginner lift
Length: 69 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 600
Manufacturer: Schippers
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La Seigne (YOC 2006)

Rope tow/beginner lift
Length: 120 m · Carrying capacity/hour: 702
Manufacturer: Borer AG
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    1-7 out of 7 ski resorts